What You Need to Understand About Frame Straightening Albert

Your vehicle’s frame may have been damaged if you were involved in a collision, whether it was a head-on collision or a side-impact accident. Your vehicle can be a candidate for frame straightening Albert depending on the type of vehicle and the extent of the damage.

When your vehicle’s structural support, or frame, is damaged in an accident, frame damage results. After an accident, it’s crucial to send your truck to a skilled technician because you might not be able to identify if your chassis was damaged. The mechanic might advise frame straightening Albert if they find the frame to be bent or damaged in any way. Frame straightening entails adjusting the frame of the vehicle to its original position.

Types of Frames

Modern vehicles have one of two types of frames.

  • Ladder or body-on-frame

This is a simple frame that looks like a ladder. It carries a drivetrain and engine. The body and seating area are placed on top of it, and wheels are affixed to it. The first way to construct a vehicle was using this simple, stiff structure. Today, many SUVs and pickup vehicles still employ it. These kinds of frames are typically excellent candidates for frame straightening when damaged or bent in a collision.

  • Uni-body

The entire structure resembles a vehicle skeleton more so than a ladder because the body and frame are made of a single piece. This lightens the vehicle and improves fuel efficiency. The majority of modern automobiles, small SUVs, and minivans feature unibody frames. These frames have portions that collapse under impact and are built to absorb shock. Frequently, the distorted pieces can be taken out and replaced. Bends in the frame may be able to be straightened, depending on the extent of the damage.

How Frame Straightening Works

Auto body shops use frame straightening equipment to fix crooked frames. These devices include a sizable platform, towers, and electronic equipment that aids in locating damaged areas and ensuring that repairs have been made properly. Vehicles that are damaged are driven onto the platform and secured there. When fixing the frame, the mobile poles or towers are subsequently placed all around the vehicle and can swivel up to 360 degrees. These towers’ chains are fastened to the vehicle’s frame’s bent sections.

The areas that need to be straightened are also identified by sensors or lasers in frame straightening equipment. The positioning of the towers and chains is also determined by these diagnostics. To draw the frame back into shape, each tower includes a hydraulic system that gradually tightens the chains. To make a frame perfect, mechanics could also need to cut, weld, or hand-shape it.

The frame machine’s computerized measurement systems check the frame’s compliance with manufacturer standards when the changes are finished. The frame should be correctly aligned and capable of withstanding future impact after the repair.

Not every auto body shop can work on your truck. If your big rig needs frame straightening in Albert, you must find a body shop that has the capacity and experience to work on your size of the vehicle.

Frame Straightening Albert