Steps Involved in a Collision Repair Heavy Truck Calgary

If you have been involved in a vehicular accident before, then you know how confusing the process of a collision repair heavy truck Calgary can be. Although many truck owners don’t bother with the technicalities of a repair and only want to see the final result, having some understanding of the collision repair process is important. Aside from taking the mystery out of the process, knowing what is involved in a repair helps you understand the labor, costs ad time that is involved to get your vehicle to its pre-accident state. While processes vary from one auto shop to the next, here are the basic steps.


Before any work can be done on collision repair, you will get an estimate on how much the collision repair heavy truck Calgary will cost. Your vehicle will be inspected by an estimator at a body shop. Photos of the vehicle will also be taken. The findings and photos will then be sent to you and to your insurance company.


To ensure the reported damages have been documented accurately, your insurance provider may request a teardown of the truck. The teardown helps determine if the vehicle is repairable. If the insurance company and customer authorize the repairs, the auto body shop will g ahead and order the parts.


A good auto shop will use an electronic measuring system in order to restore your vehicle back to factory specifications. Restoring to factory specifications is extremely important in order to make sure the frame remains structurally sound. Collision repair may include wheel alignment and suspension repairs.

Paint prep

Part of the refinishing process of a collision repair is paint preparation. All the panels will be prepared for painting. Priming and sealing will also be done. Paint prep guarantees perfect adhesion when the top color and additional coatings are applied.


At this stage, the repair work is almost over. Reassembly involves returning all the detailed pieces and molding back into the truck. The systems in your vehicle will then be inspected to ensure they are working properly.

Quality control

This stage involves the thorough cleaning of your truck. It is done once all the parts have been installed. The body will then be painted. A physical inspection will be done and the body paint will be polished. For quality purposes, the body shop will test drive the truck to ensure there are no driving problems.


The final step is getting the repaired truck back to you. The final paperwork will be released and the bill will be explained. You can then drive away with your repaired heavy truck.

If you are looking for a shop for collision repair heavy truck in Calgary, stick with the ones that specialize in fixing trucks like yours. An auto shop that deals with salon cars will be ill-equipped to work on your rig.

Collision Repair Heavy Truck Calgary