Big Rig Painting

A key to achieving a clean paint job is properly pressuring a paint booth. An Auto Balance System, which will properly pressurize a booth, is designed to automatically keep the booth balanced during operation. This system consists of a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that controls the exhaust fan motor, differential pressure gauge and sensing probes. The system monitors the interior booth pressure and will adjust the exhaust fan RPM’s to what is needed for the volume of exhaust air, based on the incoming intake air velocity. The result is a booth that is balanced automatically and will stay in balance as the filters load up with paint overspray. This system will increase useful filter life, provide a constant airflow through the booth and automatically control booth pressure.

With 2 -GFS 55 ft. long recirculating, pressurized Private dry filter Cross-draft paint booths.  Our booths are equipped with color correction lighting system, Air Balancing systems and roll up doors, as well each booth has its own 28,800 CFM Air Make Up Unit.  . Our Paint Mixing Room is state of the art and engineered to provide contamination control that is needed during the paint mixing process.  Along with our Legris Transair Compressed air system, we can guarantee a contaminate free, dust free, perfectly color matched finish on all of our paint jobs.

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