Mistakes to Look for After Big Rig Repairs Calgary

When you big rig needs painting work, repair work or any other kind of maintenance, it is only natural to turn to the best auto body repair shop for help. However, since we ourselves are not aware of the technicalities of repair, we end up driving away without noticing repair problems until later. Keeping in mind service providers are bound to make some mistakes every now and then, it is good to learn how to detect those mistakes even when working with a shop that offers big rig repairs Calgary trusts. Here are common mistakes auto body shops make.

Improperly matching paint color

Every now and then, trucks need paint repair as they get discolored or dirty after prolonged usage. Other times, after a collision repair, your rig may require some paint job. A common mistake done by automobile shops is doing a bad painting work. This often happens if the auto body shop doesn’t have qualified technicians in painting work. Some painters may also take shortcuts. This will leave you with improperly matching paint color. Most of these paint problems can only be seen in different lighting or from an angel. Before you drive off after big rig repairs Calgary trusts, make sure you inspect your vehicle carefully for bad painting work. The must not be sloppy in any way.

Not re-installing equipment properly

This is a common mistake that can be made even by the best auto body shop. Considering the technicians are in constant pressure to get the work done within a deadline, they may fail to reinstall parts properly. In most cases, the technicians fail to tighten the bolts and nuts. This mistake may lead to squeaks, vibrations and other noises when the vehicle is moving. Make sure you get a test drive with one of the technicians to ensure all the previous issues are fixed and there are no new problems.

Misaligned panels

It is very common for repair shops to misalign auto body panels. While they try to be precise during the installation of panels, you have to check all the panels carefully to make sure there is no misalignment.

Neglecting wheel alignment

Bad auto repair shops can neglect wheel alignment. This will cause your rig to feel like it is drifting. If not fixed fast, misaligned wheels will lead to expensive problems such as worn wheels. To check if the wheels are properly aligned, drive the rig and observe the misalignment closely.

The above are the main mistakes you can expect after a big rig repair in Calgary. In the first few days after work is done, you need to focus more on how the vehicle performs. If there is any issue, take it back to the auto repair shop.

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