Frame Straightening Calgary – Mistakes Auto Body Repair Shops Make After Frame Straightening

When your vehicle needs frame straightening Calgary, it is obvious you want to take it to the best auto repair shop in the region. However, even with the best mechanic working on your rig, mistakes can be made. That is why before you drive off with your repaired vehicle, you need to make sure everything is in good condition. Here are the common mistakes a repair team can make.

Bad paint work

In most cases, you will need frame straightening Calgary because your vehicle was involved in a collision. The role of the frame is to absorb the force of the impact so as to protect the driver and passengers. Following a collision, your vehicle will not only need frame straightening but also some paint repair. Bad painting work is a common mistake automobile shops make. The technician may leave some areas exposed or mismatch the colors. If there is any paint problem, you should get it fixed before you drive off. To be able to spot paint irregularities, you need to inspect your vehicle from different angles and ends.

Improper re-installation of equipment

Frame straightening often requires the truck to be stripped down. This means most of the equipment will be removed. In some cases, the team may fail to reinstall the equipment properly once the job is done. This is a common issue because technicians are always under pressure to meet tight deadlines. Needless to say, improperly reinstalled equipment and parts may lead to squeaks, noises, vibrations and poor performance. You need to test all the equipment on your truck before you leave. If you notice problems after driving off, make sure you bring the truck back in for the issues to be fixed. Taking too long to fix some of these issues may lead to expensive repairs.

Misaligned panels and wheels

Misaligned auto body panels is a common mistake auto body shops make after frame straightening. It is paramount that all the panels be installed correctly. Take a close look at the gaps after the repair work and make sure there are no panels that seem out of place. You then need to focus on the wheels. Bad wheel alignment will lead to myriad problems. Keep in mind that some technicians try to save time by taking shortcuts in wheel alignment. Before you drive off, ask the technicians to check the wheels and make sure they are perfectly aligned.

There are many more mistakes auto body shops can make after frame straightening in Calgary. The key is to be vigilant. After the repairs, you need to report even the smallest issues to the technician.

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