Our 32000 sq. ft. building houses our state of the art equipment and facilities.  Our equipment was chosen and designed with our employees, customers and the environment in mind.  Our Booths, paint room and compressed air system are designed to control and exhaust VOCs from the workplace, decrease energy costs up to 40% saving on utility costs, are corrosion and contaminate resistant. The ease of use and efficiency means our jobs our completed faster without compromising quality, saving  both time and money.

2 GFS 55 ft. long recirculating, pressurized Private dry filter Crossdraft paint booths, each booth has its own 28,800 CFM Air Make Up Unit. Each booth is equipped with color correction lighting system, Air Balancing systems and roll up doors. The Ultimate in achieving the highest quality paint finish.

Paint Mixing Room is state of the art and engineered to provide contamination control that is needed during the Paint mixing process. It has been designed to comply with all Safety and Fire Codes

Grabber GT 5000 R Frame Straightening System Built to handle semi trucks, trailers and buses
50 feet long and a wide track of 102″
8- air/hydraulic 25 ton Pulling towers
8-portable push/pull towers

2- Almig 50 HP Compressor

Legris Transair Systems Air Lines- The transair system is completely adaptable, ensures a total absence of corrosion, delivers cleaned compressed air and prevents the problems caused by rust- This means no contamination into our paint jobs.


We are pleased to offer our own separate sandblasting building, with Clemco blasting equipment.

Multiple Mig and Tig Welders