Collision Repair Heavy Truck Calgary - What to Do After an Auto Body Repair

Once work has been done in a reputable auto shop that offers collision repair heavy truck Calgary trusts, you should not simply drive away after making payments. You have to inspect the work that has been done and check for common issues. Making these checks does not mean you don’t trust your auto body shop; it simply means you are vigilant and don’t want surprises later on.

In a post-repair inspection after collision repair heavy truck Calgary recommends, you need to check the body repair for irregularities. This includes mismatched color, overspray, or uneven texture. First, inspect your truck from a distance and then come close to check for imperfections. You then need to inspect the truck for overall review. If you are dissatisfied with the work done, point the issues out to the team in the auto repair shop. If major repairs were being done, you could request a third-party inspection.

In addition to paint problems, you need to look for several common auto body repair problems. If an auto shop resorted to unscrupulous practices, here are common issues you might find after a collision repair.

Alignment problems

If the door was aligned and there was a problem, you would notice the door pulling to one side. You also need to inspect for wheel alignment and bent body. Keep in mind that wrong alignment in the structure of your truck can cause tires to wear faster.


This happens when an auto shop welds a used section from another truck. Modern vehicles are designed to be lightweight. Clipping can cause the structure of your vehicle to weaken and lead to serious safety problems. The auto shop must always use manufacturer-recommended parts.


Shady auto shops don’t install airbags after charging clients full payment for them. This is because expensive airbags fetch a fortune on the black market. The good thing is you can check if the airbag on your vehicle was replaced or not. Start by paying attention to the airbag indicator on the dashboard. A gentle knock on the steering wheel will also help. If it sounds hollow, chances are there is no airbag installed.

Duplicate parts

Shockingly, some insurance companies work with shady auto shops to install used or substandard parts. These parts don’t meet the specifications of the manufacturer. As a result, the inferior parts can be a severe safety risk. Always ask for receipts of the original parts that were replaced.

The key to ensuring you get the best collision repair for your heavy truck in Calgary is finding a reputable auto shop. Don’t take your rig to just any shop. Research them and ensure they come highly recommended. The shop should also be equipped to work on trucks the same size as yours.

Collision Repair Heavy Truck Calgary