Collision repair Heavy Truck Albert - What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Dents are a common issue for heavy truck owners. They are caused by all manner of things including cargo hitting on the truck and collision repair. When you need collision repair heavy truck Alberttrusts, it is good to note that paint-less repairs are available.

In most cases, dent repairs involve the stripping down of the pain, applying body fillers and repainting the area. If you are looking for a cheaper and faster alternative to this process, your best bet is paintless dent repair. With this option, specialized tools are used to make the work manageable and affordable. If you are thinking about this approach in collision repair heavy truck Albert recommends, here are a few facts you need to understand.

It is faster

The main reason most people go for paint-less collision repair is that the process is faster. It does not involve the stripping down of paints and starting over. It is possible to get the work done within a couple of hours. This is better than the days you have to wait when paintwork has to be done. Consequently, paint-less repairs are more convenient if you can’t afford to have your rig out of commission for more than a day.

Damages that can be fixed

As you may have already guessed, paint-less repairs cannot be used on all types of damages. The solution is only viable for repairing body line damage, minimal creases and minor dings. With that being said, this solution is not for deep or severe dents.

Does it affect the resale value?

If you consider selling your truck later in the future, you want to save its original paintwork. Buyers are always keen to spot new paint that has been sprayed on a vehicle. That is why you must be careful before repainting your truck. Paint-less dental repair doesn’t affect the original paint. It is used to correct dents without affecting the original paintwork. You will, however, need to get this service from a professional auto body shop.

Environmentally friendly

Is a sustainable lifestyle important to you? For example, paint-less repairs use fewer materials. This leads to minimal waste.

Do insurance providers cover it?

Insurance companies do cover paintless dent repair and removal. As a matter of fact, most insurers prefer this option because it is cheaper than traditional repairs.

When done right, paint-less repairs look as great as traditional repairs. All you need to do is hire a reputable auto body shop. Always make sure the auto body shop has the necessary tools and team to handle paintless repairs.

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