Collision Repair Heavy Truck Albert - Quick Guide on Scratch Repair

Scratches on your rig can be unsettling. They not only make your vehicle look ugly but also send the message that you are a careless driver. This is a terrible message to send more so if you pride yourself to be a great service provider. Fortunately, not all scratches require sanding and a new coat of paint. Here is a guide on scratch repair. However, to get the best results, you must not turn to just anyone for collision repair heavy truck Albert. Find a reputable repair shop.

Shallow scratches

If the paint of the truck is not damaged and only the top sealing coat has been affected, this can be buffed away easily. Minor scratches are easy to sand away during collision repair heavy truck Albert. A polishing paste will be used. The best thing is it doesn’t take too much time and will not cost you a lot. However, if the paint was damaged, a different approach will be required. You will have to take your car to an auto body shop if the paint was damaged.

To repair the affected area, preparation will be needed. This involves cleaning and examining how deep the scratch is. The scratched paint will have to be feathered down along the damaged edges. Thereafter, a new coat of paint will be sprayed on the feathered down area then sealed using a clear coat. Considering you will not have all the tools for this job, it is always great to leave the work to an expert.

Deep scratches

In certain cases, the scratch may be too deep that it gets to the bare metal of your truck. For this kind of scratch, heavy sanding will be needed. An expert will have to sand down the pain in order to lessen the degree of missing paint. The prepped area will then get a new primer layer as well as matching paint. In some cases, large scratches require repainting a whole panel in order to achieve a good color match.

Color matching

Picking similar colors is not enough. Some paint jobs require layering certain colors in order to achieve a sparkle or iridescence of custom paint jobs. Factory paints are easier to match with paint swatches because they are available in the shops. However, for a custom auto paint job, matching the colors is a lot more difficult. The layering of shades will be needed to match the color.

Car scratches should not be underestimated. They not only affect the appearance of your vehicle but also lower its value. While DIY is an option, it is always better to work with a reputable auto repair shop when fixing scratches on your truck.

Collision Repair Heavy Truck Albert