Big Rig Repairs Calgary – Signs of a Bad Auto Body Paint Job

Part of big rig repairs Calgary recommends includes auto body paintwork. After all the damages have been fixed, the auto shop will do a paint job. The paint work is what brings your rig back to the original look. However, not every professional will be able to do a great job when it comes to big rig painting. Some will take shortcuts, while others don’t know how to do a great job. So while it should be simple to spot a bad paint job, it is not. There are, however, some red flags you should watch out for before you take your rig from an auto paint shop.


Some auto shops know you lack professional knowledge on auto painting. They thus try to cut down on their costs by offering a shady paint job. Basic paint jobs skip many important steps. For example, they may fail to mask off areas that have been repaired. If an area has not been masked off, you will notice overspray paint on the surface. This can be hard to remove and often requires sections to be repainted. Therefore, after big rig repairs Calgary trusts, don’t sign off the bill until you can no longer spot the area that was worked on.

Poor color matching

Another giveaway is how the colors look. Just because your rig is maroon in color does not mean any shade of maroon will work. That is why it takes a lot of time and work to match colors, even for experienced auto painters. You might not notice small imperfections, streaks and swirls on the panels. However, just because poor color matching mistakes are harder to spot does not mean you sign off the bill. Poor color matching can be very obvious in the right light, especially under sunlight. Inspect the painted areas keenly to ensure the colors match.

Uneven texture

There is a specific method that has to be used when spraying auto paints. If the spraying is done too close to the surface, the end result will be uneven-looking textures. These textures often resemble waves, ripples, or orange peels. This problem is common when auto body painters are in a hurry. Some shops may use heat to speed up curing.

Running or sagging paint

This is a very unsightly mess that requires repainting. It happens when the painter doesn’t mix the paints properly. Also, when a layer is too thick, it will run as it dries. Sagging and running paint forms long droopy paint wrinkles. These look ugly. While the sagging can be subtle, you want your rig to be 100% smooth and polished.

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