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Big Rig Repairs Calgary - How to Prevent Expensive Repair Work

The secret to avoiding expensive big rig repairs Calgary is to make sure your rig is constantly maintained. This is the only way you will guarantee smooth running as well as a great driving experience. However, even after knowing this, most big rig owners are still casual about their approach of maintenance. If you don’t want to deal with high costs on your next repairs, here are some of the things you should do.

Only work with a specialist

The mistake most rig owners make is that of taking their rig to just any repair shop that comes their way. While this might be convenient, you will end up getting substandard services. Over time, the substandard services will lead to major problems that are harder and more expensive to repair. If you don’t want to deal with major issues, you must ensure that your rig is diagnosed properly and worked on using the right equipment. This is only possible if you only take your truck to a specialized auto mechanic. A specialist will use the right equipment to diagnose your vehicle. The specialist will also have a better understanding of the ins and outs of your vehicle. Being able to fix problems before they worsen is the key to avoiding high costs in big rig repairs Calgary.

Greasing helps

One of the best tip for avoiding frequent trips to the repair shop is greasing your truck on a regular basis. Your truck needs to be serviced as per the instructions given by the manufacturer. Routine grease is the best way to avoid frequent truck repairs. A heavy commercial vehicle needs a grease job once every 3,000 miles in order for it to run smoothly.

Preventive maintenance

Getting preventive truck maintenance every once in a while will help avoid the need for expensive big rig repairs in Calgary. Preventive truck maintenance should be done on a scheduled basis and from a good repair service provider. When you do this, the need for dealing with bigger damages will never arise.

Regular inspections

The worst thing you can do is always waiting until the truck breaks down for you to take it to a repair specialist. You can avoid high repair costs by doing regular truck inspections. Inspections help identify the road worthiness of your truck and spot problems before they get worse.

Tire care

The last tip on this list is tire care. The tires are the most important parts of a big rig. They are subjected to harsh surfaces regularly and face wear and tear. Giving the tires good care will not only prevent the risk of accidents but also help your truck perform way better.

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Collision Repair Heavy Truck Calgary - What You Need to Understand About Auto Repairs

An auto repair shop is a repair shop that is dedicated to providing the services you need to restore the condition of your vehicle. However, not every auto repair shop will be able to offer the best services. You need to find a repair shop that specializes in fixing the type of vehicle you own in order to get the best services. If you need collision repair heavy truck Calgary, for example, the auto shop you select must specialize in the repair of heavy trucks. They should have the equipment, manpower and experience needed to work on your rig.

To help you know more about auto body repair, we have discussed a couple of facts you need to understand about heavy truck repairs. Keep reading to learn more.

An auto body repair shop’s job is to revamp your vehicle

The reason you drive to an auto repair shop is so as to get the condition of your vehicle restored. Modern techniques and equipment are needed in collision repair heavy truck Calgary. Some of the processes include computer wiring, electrical wiring, welding, sheet metal fabrication, frame straightening, body painting and updating appliances. The truth is not every auto repair shop will be able to revamp your vehicle. That is why you need to spend more time researching the best auto repair shops in Calgary. Only focus on the ones that specialize in your type of vehicle. They must also have a good reputation.

You must also understand that auto body repairs can’t be done by just anyone. The work requires special training, experience as well as expertise in order to handle the various types of repairs. There is also the fact that all the work cannot be handled by one person. A team will be needed. You should find an auto repair shop with a sizeable team of technicians.

Insurers don’t approve all auto repair shops

There is nothing worse than paying your insurance premiums on time only for your insurer to reject your claim because you used an unrecognized repair shop. To avoid such outcomes, you must make sure that you consult your insurance broker first to make sure they approve of the repair shop you plan on using.

When you drive into a repair shop, the repair shop will provide you with an estimate of the cost of repairs. The estimate has to be approved by your commercial truck insurance company. It is only after this approval that the repairs can be done.

Now that you have the facts on heavy truck repair, you can get your vehicle worked on more sensibly. Make sure you only use a repair shop that has an experienced team and a great reputation working on trucks similar to yours.

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Big Rig Painting Calgary – How to Pick the Right Shop for a Paint Job

There are many reasons you may need big rig painting Calgary. Most motorists get a paint job to remove the old paint, oxidation and rust. In other cases, a paint job is needed after a collision. Whatever your reason for getting a paint job is, it is always good to get the work done by a professional. You also need to note that big trucks are not the same as saloon cars. You must find an auto shop that handles paint jobs for vehicles that are the same size as yours. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the questions you need to ask before leaving your big rig anywhere for a paint job.

Does the shop work on big rigs?

A cousin that does auto paint jobs might seem like a good bet when you need big rig painting Calgary trusts. You must, however, make sure that the cousin has the equipment and experience needed to work on your rig. If they don’t, simply ask them for recommendations on an auto shop that specializes in the painting of big rigs. This is because rigs are massive and any inexperienced and ill-equipped service provider will mess things up.

Does the auto shop do prep work?

Prep work is very important when it comes to any paint job. It is more of taping off the trim in your house before the walls are painted. If no prep work is done, the paint will not stay where it is supposed to be, it will spill over. Needless to say, it is very frustrating to spend money on a paint job only for the so-called professional to get paint everywhere. You don’t want paint on the door handles, mirrors or headlights. The paint should only go where it is meant to be.

Does the shop have good reviews?

To win you over, a service provider will say about anything. They can even go as far as downloading images from other auto shops and passing them off as their most recent work. To avoid landing in the wrong hands, make sure you always listen to what recent clients are saying about a service provider. Start with online reviews then contact several references that are provided by the auto shop. Facebook, Google and Yelp are great places to read reviews or ask questions about the competence of an auto repair shop.

Is the shop clean and updated?

Last but not least, you need to make sure that the shop is presentable. The right shop is the one that invests in high-quality equipment and materials. Furthermore, a clean shop has fewer contaminants and thus the paint job will be remarkable.

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Big Rig Repairs Calgary - Why Are Big Rig Trucks Hard to Repair?

The repair of large trucks requires a special space and a specially trained team to get the job done. Along with the fact that big rig repairs Calgary doesn’t come cheap, auto body shops are very unpredictable. This is why you must be very careful when choosing a repair shop for your big rig. But what exactly makes it so hard to get these trucks repaired?

Many types of big rigs

There are many reasons why it is hard to handle big rig repairs Calgary. The first is the fact that there are many types of big rig trucks. They include trail trucks, haul trucks and big freight trucks. When these trucks need repairs, the repair work differs from that of other small vehicles. A lot of expertise and special equipment are needed to get the repairs done. That is why it is so important to find a professional that specializes in big rig repairs to work on your truck. The right professional is the one that has worked on trucks that are similar to yours in both size and model.

Require large spaces

The second reason these trucks are hard to repair is that they need a lot of space to be repaired. It is not easy for a small company to lay their hands on a yard big enough to accommodate several big rig trucks. Large trucks need big workshops as well as large state-of-the-art equipment. With paint repair and body repair being the most important works required whenever a truck gets damaged, the right auto body shop must have the right size equipment to accommodate your big rig. The equipment must also be computerized so that everything can be monitored and tailored to your exact needs.

Lack of enough specialists

Most auto repair shops don’t specialize in certain types of vehicles. As a result, the repair team ends up relying on guesswork to diagnose and repair big rig problems. If you don’t want to end up with substandard services, find a repair shop that works on rigs that are the same model as yours. Working with a specialist guarantees that the repairs are done fast and in the best way possible. Get testimonials of people who have used the repair shop to find out more about their experience.

Big rig trucks are neither cheap to buy nor cheap to repair. Considering your rig impacts your livelihood, always make sure it gets the best care possible. This is only possible if you only use the most reputable and reliable big rig repair shop. Never compromise when it comes to the quality of services.

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Frame Straightening Calgary - Use Truck Repair Services for the Longevity of Your Vehicle

When you need frame straightening Calgary for your big rig, the worst mistake you can make is driving into the first car repair and maintenance service provider you can find. As a matter of fact, most people take their big rig to the same mechanic that works on their personal cars. While it may seem like the right thing to do especially if your mechanic has never disappointed you over the years, your car mechanic will be ill-equipped to work on your big rig.

Trucks and trailers need several types of repair and maintenance services regularly in order to guarantee smooth running and functioning. That is why you should find a commercial auto repair shop that can handle a variety of tasks. It is good to find a big rig repair shop that not only offers frame straightening Calgary but also other services you may need such as paint repair and the re-installation of vehicle parts. The idea is to find a shop that offers all the repair services you may need under one roof.

Why hire a truck service provider?

Every vehicle needs proper and timely servicing so that it runs smoothly and never gets major breakdown problems while on the road. Hiring a truck service provider will ensure this never happens. If you work with the wrong service provider, he will end up missing issues that end up costing you a fortune. To ensure the longevity of your truck, you need a maintenance company that has the experience, expertise and resources to not only fix any problem your truck may have but also perform a thorough diagnosis.

What should you keep in mind before choosing a truck repair service provider?

Before you select a truck service provider, there are many things you have to keep in mind. First, pay attention to the reputation of the company. A company that comes highly recommended will be a good choice. Go through their truck record and customer reviews. Second, it is good to stick with service providers that offer a free estimation of costs and provides the maximum number of services. The service provider should also have a large facility with top machines and repair equipment. That way you will be guaranteed the best care and maintenance for your vehicle. It is also good to make sure the service provider is both experienced and certified.

Fixing problems as soon as they are found is the key to avoiding expensive big rig repairs. For example, when you get frame straightening services on time, you will avoid damage to the wheels, shocks and other parts of your vehicle.

Frame Straightening Calgary


Frame Straightening Albert - Things to Consider Before Opting for Truck Repair Center

Getting frame straightening Albert as soon as possible is very important. This is because of the many problems a damaged frame can cause. However, this does not mean you get the service from the first auto body shop that comes your way. Even when an auto shop is recommended to you by a close friend, it is paramount that you do your own research.

As you may already know, picking a vehicle repair or maintenance center can be very tricky. This is more so if you own a large truck or rig. The task is daunting because of the many repair centers present in Albert. There is also the fact that not every repair center will be able to cater to the needs of your vehicle. To help you find the best auto shop for frame straightening Albert trusts, you should consider the following things before choosing a repair company.

Ensure the auto shop can accommodate your vehicle

The mistake most people make is that of taking a mechanic’s word for it when they say they can accommodate your vehicle. To be certain that they can accommodate your vehicle, take a look at their facility. Do you see vehicles that are the same size as yours? Which type of vehicles does the auto shop seem to specialize in? Frame straightening requires the use of heavy-duty equipment. If the shop doesn’t care for vehicles that are the same size as yours, you can be certain the team will take shortcuts. Needless to say, shortcuts almost always lead to problems.

Will they accept your insurance?

You don’t want to pay for truck repairs from your pocket while you have a current insurance cover. Even if the auto shop is run by your brother, you should avoid it if they do not accept your insurance cover. It is also good to speak with your insurance broker to know if they work with the auto body shop you are choosing.

Do they have modern equipment?

Whether you only need frame straightening or painting, you must make sure the body shop you are considering uses the latest equipment. The best auto body shop to head to for frame straightening is the one that uses a computerized straightening system. For painting and paint mixing, an auto shop that uses the latest technology and machinery will deliver the best results.


You don’t want your truck to be lost to a fire or for it to be stolen, do you? For your peace of mind, work with a facility that is equipped with all the safety precautions. This should include fireproof interiors, big fans to keep the inside of the facility cool in summer, a great security system and the right technology and equipment to support your vehicle.

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Collision Repair Heavy Truck Albert - How to Choose the Best Auto Body Shop

Are you in need of collision repair heavy truck Albert trusts? If you are, your main focus has to be finding the most dependable auto repair shop in your area. The shop you select must specialize in the repair of heavy trucks and should have a good track record. In this post, we will be looking at the key considerations you must make before choosing an auto body shop.

Word of month

A simple internet search will help you compile a lengthy list of promising auto body shops in your area. The problem, however, is just because an auto shop has a website does not make them a good choice. You have to vet each individual auto body shop that comes your way. One of the best ways of ensuring you don’t settle for the wrong shop is to speak to people who have had collision repair heavy truck Albert. Ask about their experience with the auto shop they used and know if they would be willing to recommend the shop to anyone. An auto body shop that comes highly recommended will be a safe bet.

Consider the location of the shop

Family, friends and colleagues will help compile a long list of promising auto shops for heavy trucks in your area. It is now your time to narrow that list down. One way of narrowing down the list of promising auto body shops is to consider their location. To avoid high towing costs, you need to find an auto body shop that is close to you. You also have to understand that auto shops located in swanky locations will most likely charge you more and their labor charges will be higher.

Get several estimates

You don’t want to pay double for a simple service, do you? That is why you need to get estimates from multiple auto body shops. The goal here is not just to know how much each shop charges but also to find out which auto body shop offers the most comprehensive services. A good auto shop will provide you with a price breakdown so that you understand what you are being charged for every item.

Trust your instincts

As aforementioned, there are many auto body shops in Albert that can work on your heavy truck. However, the final choice will always come down to you. That is why you must learn to trust your instincts. If you don’t feel comfortable working with a certain auto body shop, you should probably not choose them. Choose a company you have complete confidence in.

Collision Repair Heavy Truck Albert


Big Rig Painting Calgary - How to Choose the Right Auto Paint Shop

When you need big rig painting Calgary trusts, the first thing you must do is find the best auto paint shop. Keep in mind that not every paint shop will be able to accommodate your truck. That is why you need to make sure the shops you consider have the space, equipment and experience needed to work on big rigs. Next, you need to do the following.

Interview the paint shop

The first thing you need to do is have a conversation with your preferred auto paint shop. The goal is to get a feel of their process and to gauge if they pay attention to details. Ask them to walk you through their prepping process. There are so many auto paint shops that cut corners by painting over the trim, emblems and door handles. While this makes their work easier, it leads to an ugly paint job. The right shop for big rig painting Calgary trusts will remove as many accessories as possible before they start painting your rig. Get to know which accessories will be taped and which ones will be removed.

Enquire about color matching

It is not easy to get the colors right. This is more so when you are not repainting the entire vehicle. The VIN (vehicle identification number) of your truck will have a paint code for your truck. This helps get the right color code. However, you need to keep in mind that matching the new color to the fading old color can be hard. Ask the auto paint shop how they will tackle that issue. Experienced technicians will have techniques for compensating for the differences.

Look at their past work

You need to take a look at their past work in order to determine if they are the right team for the job. You can look at their work on their website or ask for samples. The samples should include before and after images as well as how they prepare a vehicle before getting started with the paintwork. If you notice a brand emblem has been painted over in any of the samples, chances are they will do the same with your vehicle. Avoid such paint shops.

Ask about warranty

Last but not least, you need to protect your finances and sanity by making sure your selected auto paint shop offers a warranty. This is important because it can cost thousands of dollar to get your big rig painted. A warrant gives you the guarantee that the investment will last.

Big Rig Painting Calgary


Collision Repair Heavy Truck Calgary - Steps You Must Take After a Truck Accident

If you own or drive a truck, it is important that you learn to drive it safely. Second, you need to know how to react after an accident. The last thing you want is for your insurance provider not to pay the full amount for a collision repair heavy truck Calgary trusts simply because you made a mistake after the accident. In this post, we will be taking a look at the steps you must follow after a truck accident.

Assess for injuries

Your wellbeing always comes first. That is why immediately after a truck accident, the first thing you must do is ensure there are no injuries to you or anyone else that was inside or outside the truck. If there are injuries, you need to assess them. Don’t do anything that may worsen the injuries. It is recommended to call an ambulance right away. If there are no injuries or the injuries are not too severe, you need to move to safety. This is more so if the accident occurred in the middle of the road.

Assess the condition of your truck

Now that you are safe, the next step is to assess the extent of damage to your truck. Take a look at your truck and see if it has been damaged in any way. If you see visible major damages, you will need collision repair heavy truck Calgary trusts. If possible, you need to take pictures of the damages for insurance purposes. If the collision involved another vehicle, you need to take photos of the other vehicle too. You then need to contact an auto body repair shop.

Head to the repair shop

The next step is to head to the truck body repair shop that you trust. There are many truck repair shops all over Calgary. To avoid using the wrong auto shop, it is always good to research and get the contacts of reliable shops before you even get in an accident. Having their contacts on you will come in handy if you ever get in an accident. The truck repair shop should be able to work on your type of truck and offer a wide range of services which should include frame straightening and paint repair. The shop should also accept your auto insurance cover.

Contact your insurance provider

The last step is to contact your insurance company. Inform them about the truck accident and the cost of the damages. You may need to send the photos of the accident or a detailed report of the damage.

Collision Repair Heavy Truck Calgary