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Sand Blasting

Our fully self contained Sandblasting Building allows us to Blast all year long.  We specialize in blasting Frames, Tankers, Gravel Boxes- all sizes, Oilfield Equipment. No job is to big or to small. Our commitment to excellence is the reason we thrive to becoming one of the leading competitors in the ever growing sand blasting and painting industry. We are customer service driven with a desire to not only meet customer expectations but to exceed them.


Our customers have continually referred new painting and sandblasting clients to us, quoting our attention to detail, management skills, troubleshooting, and customer service as major factors in recommending PET’s  restoration services to others. 90% of our business has come from referrals and repeat customers.

Have a painting or refinishing project? We can answer your questions and provide valuable advice. Contact us today, or request a free price quotation.


Big Rig Frame Straightening

When the big rig repairs present a problem, our GT 5OOOR Systems offer the solution every time, every day. The full oval radius and swivel tower design combine to offer multi-angle access to frame and cab repairs. The design of our system ensures speed as well as accuracy and every Sag, Sway , Diamond, Twist can be repaired quickly and efficiently back to factory condition.

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The 25-Ton Lift Stand is portable, hydraulic controlled, and can be placed wherever undercarriage corrections are required. The Side-Pull Assembly works from any pull tower and enables effective side corrective pulls to be made and monitored via hydraulic controls.

With 8, 25-ton pull towers and 8 portable towers on the GT5OOO Systems provide unequalled power and ease of use. Mounted on gliding platforms, each can be easily moved and locked into position by one person. Grabber engineering makes the GT5OOO Systems amazingly easy to use. Pull towers require only one person to glide and lock them into position. Extra wide work area between treadways; a host of power accessories to meet every repair need, and much more. The Ease and efficiency of our system allow us to honor our pledge to get you back on the road again!




Big Rig Painting

A key to achieving a clean paint job is properly pressuring a paint booth. An Auto Balance System, which will properly pressurize a booth, is designed to automatically keep the booth balanced during operation. This system consists of a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that controls the exhaust fan motor, differential pressure gauge and sensing probes. The system monitors the interior booth pressure and will adjust the exhaust fan RPM’s to what is needed for the volume of exhaust air, based on the incoming intake air velocity. The result is a booth that is balanced automatically and will stay in balance as the filters load up with paint overspray. This system will increase useful filter life, provide a constant airflow through the booth and automatically control booth pressure.

With 2 -GFS 55 ft. long recirculating, pressurized Private dry filter Cross-draft paint booths.  Our booths are equipped with color correction lighting system, Air Balancing systems and roll up doors, as well each booth has its own 28,800 CFM Air Make Up Unit.  . Our Paint Mixing Room is state of the art and engineered to provide contamination control that is needed during the paint mixing process.  Along with our Legris Transair Compressed air system, we can guarantee a contaminate free, dust free, perfectly color matched finish on all of our paint jobs.

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Big Rig Repairs

TRUCK AND TRAILER REPAIRS – Wreck Repair, Rollovers, Jackknifes, Fire Damage, Dent Repairs, Cab Conversions, Fiberglass Repairs

Our focus is to get you back on the road again, because we realize that your time is money. We have industry leading turn around times and offer a no hassle warranty. It is our commitment to you to perform all structural repairs as well as interior and exterior repairs, with the highest standards of workmanship, to its original pre accident condition or better.

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