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Big Rig Painting Calgary - Refurbish Your Big Rig Before Getting It Listed for Sale

Buying a used rig offers businesses an affordable way of owning their own rig. It, therefore, makes sense to sell your old rig when its time is up. However, before you get started, you will need more than just a big rig painting Calgary trusts. Buyers know that buying a used vehicle is a gamble and thus they are very cautious. Most of them will perform a thorough inspection to make sure they are not being shortchanged. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top things you must do when thinking about selling your old big rig.

Metal polishing

Aesthetics play a huge part when selling a used vehicle. How your rig looks on the outside will determine the number of offers you get. That is why in addition to getting big rig painting Calgary recommends, you should polish the metal parts. Big rigs are equipped with many metal components. These components can start to tarnish over time. That is why when looking for an auto body shop for your paintwork, you need one that can polish the metal components including the front bumper, rims, and the chrome on the mirrors.

There are many techniques that are used to restore the luster of your vehicle’s metal components. If the metal parts have an extreme debris buildup, some auto shops may be able to give your rig an acid bath. The acid bath uses specialized acids to remove discoloration or oxidation. Doing so can add significant aesthetic value to your truck.

Frame and fiberglass repair

Your big rig doesn’t have to have been involved in an accident to require frame straightening. At times, overloading it can cause problems to both the frame and the fiberglass. Fixing issues with both of these two will make selling your rig easy. However, for the job to be done well, you must take your big rig to the right auto repair shop. Make sure they have the right equipment to get the job done perfectly.

Get all the maintenance records ready

Last but not least, buyers will want to see documentation on how the rig has been maintained. They may require the following information:

  • Copies of maintenance records
  • How often the oil was changed
  • Who maintained the vehicle mechanically?
  • What has not been replaced and is due for a replacement such as the rear ends and transmission
  • Depth of the tire tread
  • Condition of the suspensions, rear-ends, wiring and transmission
  • History of the specific engine

To maximize the selling price, you must do these essential upgrades. The good thing is there are auto shops that offer comprehensive big rig refurbish services. Find one that has the capacity to work on your rig.

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